Expressing love and grief in the time of COVID-19

In just under 1,000 words I invited Lindie Opperman to share her thoughts on grief in these COVID-19 days. She writes about looking back at 2020 from a distant future and invites us to imagine, “looking back to 2020 and the losses of loved ones in this time, [maybe] we will find ourselves not filled with bitterness and resentment because of normal cultural rituals that were stolen from us, but grateful for new, deeper, more intimate and connected layers that we have created to grieve deeply, authentically… alone but together.”

Jacqui Chaplin Funeral Celebrant Vermont

A Celebrant is like a Chaplain

In less than 200 words find out the difference and similarities between a celebrant and a chaplain. The dictionary definition of a chaplain (sometimes spelt chaplin) is "a member of the clergy attached to a private chapel, institution, ship, or regiment." And although designated as a clergy member, chaplains are often considered to be more …

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