Happily Ever After

In less than 400 words find out how to avoid unhappy endings.

I suspect for many of you the title and the subject of this article may seem a little bizarre in the context of dying, death and funerals.

If there is one thing I’ve noticed as a dedicated funeral celebrant is that families can experience the planning of their loved one’s funerals very differently. There are so many reasons that create different experiences. Too many for one article. So, I will offer one way to, at the very least, move closer to a “happily ever after ending” when it comes to saying farewell..

A little preparation can go a long way.

Whether it is a potted history of where you went to school, your working life, places you’ve lived, people you’ve met, the things that made your life the life you wanted it to be or a full blown memoir, writing it down makes for an easier way for others to pay tribute to your life in a way that is important to you and meaningful for them.

That look. The look that says, “I have no idea!”

Sadly, I see that look on a regular basis. And I wish it could be different for each person that I see struggling to recall what they know about their parent’s early years… the years before children came on the scene. It is heart wrenching to see people who so clearly love someone realising how little they know.

The other look. The look that says, “Ooh! I know that!”

And the reason why they know that is because Mum spent some time writing some quick notes on her schooling experiences, how she met Dad, what she did for work before children came along.

It’s never too late, until it’s too late.

So, take some time now to write your potted history – or if you are 50 plus and still have living parents you might want to capture their story.

Do it yourself or get some help.

Given that I am writing life stories and eulogies all the time, feel free to give me a call and find out what you can do ahead of time to capture the story of a life well lived!

Then you’ll have one less challenge at a time that is hard enough.

We have just one life…

Jacqui Chaplin

Independent Funeral Information | Life Story Collector & Writer | End of Life Tributes | Easier End of Life Experiences | Funeral Arrangements and Celebrancy

Just One Life… doing and designing dying and death differently and with dignity and distinction.

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Jacqui Chaplin is a Lifetime Commemoration Specialist and funeral celebrant in Melbourne, Australia. She loves capturing stories of the nature of life and being human and celebrating and commemorating well lived lives and lives that have ended. Jacqui has a passion for bringing the conversations that many of us find difficult to think about, let alone speak about, out in the open so we can see how our stories, values and beliefs influence our attitudes and thinking on dying, death, mourning and grief.

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