Funeral Care

Funeral Care is best planned when you don’t need it.

Many people are reluctant to speak about ageing, dying and death. This means that funeral care is usually organised under the strain of imminent or actual death and sometimes overwhelming grief.

What YOU want is what matters. There is no right way or wrong way to celebrate the life of your loved one. My role is to support you in the creation of a ceremony, service or memorial where and when you want it (within the realms of what’s legal – that’s pretty much the only boundary I work within).



Whether you want just a simple cremation or a celebration of epic and magnificent proportions a funeral arranger is the person to go to.

There are many legal practicalities which a professional is required to attend to even for a simple cremation. There are guidelines and laws in each state of Australia that must be followed in order to ensure a smooth and appropriate outcomes are achieved.

When it comes to the grander celebrations or commemorations of a life well lived there are a myriad of possibilities that required an experienced and detail oriented eye.


For some, the funeral arranger is just a necessary part of the process when a loved one dies. It matters little who takes care of the practicalities – only that they are handled professionally.

For others, having a large team with dedicated functions and roles provides a sense of reassurance that all will be handled.

For others still, having a single point of contact or a family owned business that provides personalised service is preferred.

And then there are people who know exactly what they want and want some one who will listen and follow their directions – adding professional knowledge and experience along the way.

Think about what you want from the person and the organisation they represent. How much detail is important? How much is a single point of contact important? What about the mortuary practices of those who will be caring for your loved one until their memorial, funeral, burial or cremation? For more on funeral practicalities and considerations take a look at the Just One Life Blog.


As a starting point, word of mouth is one of the more reliable ways to select a funeral arranger or director. What your trusted friends, work colleagues or other family members say about their experiences can serve as a good guide if you know you have similar standards and values.

Your personal, religious, financial or family preferences are also potential influencers on the selection of an arranger or funeral director.

One thing to know is it is OK to interview potential people to take care of your loved one and any commemoration of their lives. It’s also OK to ask for quotes and if they are able to work to your timeframes and service standards. (Coming Soon! You can read more about the most appropriate timeframe for commemorating lives.) This is one reason why it’s good to select and be comfortable with an arranger or funeral director before you need one.

When an arranger or director tells you when they will provide their service or tells you what is easiest when you have a particular preference otherwise or the conversation just doesn’t feel right, NEVER be afraid to make another call to find out what else is possible..


If you are in Melbourne, call  me on +61 (0) 412 741 531 and I’ll ask you some questions about what you are looking for and can point you in a couple of directions.