More Testimonials…

There are many more testimonials on Jacqui’s services at Word of Mouth – an independent feedback collection site.

In July 2017

Dean wrote:
“Thank you Jacqui – extremely professional and thank you so much for your friendship and support on the day, we really appreciate it.
Thanks so much.
Regards Dean and Family”

Lisa wrote:
“Hi Jacqui
Thank you for the beautiful booklet it has brought back some wonderful memories of mums funeral.
I think we will be happy to have the pdf at the moment, maybe later we may look at having printed copy for keep sake. Thank you once again for the wonderful tribute the family was very happy with your service.

Darlene wrote:
“Hi Jacqui
Thank you for the book and thank you for doing Dad’s service. He didn’t like funerals and didn’t want one but I think he would have been pleased.  I have had lots of positive comments about you and so again – thank you.”

Andrea wrote:
“…And thanks again for all your help, and for a lovely service.”

Robyn wrote:
“Many thanks for all your care compassion and assistance during the planning of Dad’s service. You really did a wonderful job in telling Dad’s story.
Again, thank you for everything you made the service seamless and that was much appreciated.”

Andrea wrote:
“Thank you so much and thank you for all your help and support to make my dad’s funeral lovely and perfect, we couldn’t have asked for it to be any better than it was.”

In May 2017, Lia wrote:
“I picked the [commemorative] booklets from the printer today.  They are just wonderful.  Thank you so much for organising them.  The booklets are something that my family and I will treasure forever.”

In April 2017

Lorraine wrote:
“It is with grateful thanks to you for the excellent way you helped our family to prepare and organise Roger’s funeral. You were so helpful and made it as easy as you could for all of us. You were able to tell Roger’s story, making it serious and also funny. And I cannot thank you enough for all the support, and for  being so approachable.
You are doing such a valuable service for grieving families and are truly one in a million.
Bless you, take care of yourself and again thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Judy wrote:
“I wish to thank you for the lovely Service you conducted on Wednesday to Celebrate Lyn’s Life. I believe all her wishes for her final farewell were beautifully met, and we appreciate your help and the way you conducted the Service.
This expression of thanks is also extended to the staff of Green Haven Funerals, together with the staff of Inglewood Estate for their commitment and lovely service.
Thanking you again.”

Michael wrote:
“Hello Jacqui.
Firstly let me thank ‘you’ Jacqui for doing such a great job, to such an extent that our family could attend to the service in far greater detail. 

In March 2017, Rob wrote:
On behalf of Annie’s extended family, thank you for the incredible job you did with her service on Friday. We felt so comfortable from the minute we met you. Your attention to detail, understanding and empathy made the whole experience much more bearable for us, and we have had wonderful feedback from family and friends. Thank you also for being there in back up for the various family members who spoke. While not required, it was great to know that you were there for us.
The next few weeks and months will be extremely hard for Greg, Zac and Jasmine. They will have the wonderful memories of such a beautiful send off for Annie to help them.
Best wishes

In February 2017, Russ wrote:
I just wanted to thank you both for the work you put into Leonie’s service.
The process was very well organised and everything went very smoothly.  The structure of the service worked well with Jacqui’s words matching the style and tone of the occasion by weaving my thoughts in with the family’s stories.
Thank you

In April 2016, Beth wrote:
“Dear Jacqui,
My family and I would like to sincerely thank you for the all of the support you gave us during our mother/gran’s funeral process. We cannot thank you enough for making extra time to meet all family members and you truly made our life much easier.
You gave my mother courage and support to read the eulogy that we wrote together as a family. She really didn’t think she could do it but knew that she wanted to for her mother. You gave her that confidence and we thank you!
You read people very well and you know when patience vs push are needed most 😉 This is an amazing skill you have as from my experience people respond in different ways to certain approaches and it is a huge strength that you understand how personalities work.
We were particularly impressed that you remembered so many names and in order!
We would highly recommend your services to friends and family and we wish you all the best in your future services and projects.
Thank you again for helping us make a magical celebration for our Mum/Gran.
Beth Chiuchiarelli and family