The Hidden Potential of Death Literacy

In less than 400 words you get to consider the hidden potential in death literacy.

I listen to the TED Radio Hour on NPR – it’s a podcast I love that expands my thinking and understanding of the world – in diverse and interesting ways. It helps me make new links between ideas and to think differently about how I live my day to day life and how I can be and do better in the field in which I choose to spend my days!

I’ve just listened to a podcast on ‘hidden potential’. It covered such a remarkable range of topics in the one hour podcast… from rehabilitating prisoners to global crowd sourced satellite archaeology. I told you it was expansive!

The hidden potential topic got me thinking about all the potential information that is available – but sometimes hard to find about the death care and funeral industry. I think one of the key reasons it is so hidden is because as a society we have lost our ability to face death… It used to be something that families would deal with before hospitals and funeral directors came along to relieve responsibility for the direct care of those we love who are elderly, dying and dead.

For me the hidden potential is in YOU. I wonder about all the possible benefits of a more death literate – those who are comfortable talking about death and dying – society …of more death literate individuals. The greatest potential I see is in a reduction of the shock and unpreparedness for the end of a human life.

Being more prepared to face the reality that we are all mortal doesn’t mean we have to like it… it’s about being more accepting and being more prepared for the inevitable… hopefully many, many years from now.

Grief and sadness and all that goes with the death of someone we love, admire or respect will always be part and parcel of being human. It will always play a part in creating the rich tapestry of our lives as human becomings.

So, how ready and willing are you to uncover the hidden potential in you to be more prepared, more resilient and have greater choices when a life ends?

We have just one life…

Jacqui Chaplin

Independent Funeral Information | Life Story Collector & Writer | End of Life Tributes | Easier End of Life Experiences | Funeral Planning and Celebrancy

Just One Life… doing and designing dying and death differently and with dignity and distinction.

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Jacqui Chaplin is a Lifetime & End-of-Life Commemoration Specialist (a funeral celebrant among other things) based in Melbourne, Australia. She loves capturing stories about the nature of life and being human, as well as, celebrating and commemorating well lived lives and lives that have ended. Jacqui has a passion for bringing the conversations that many of us find difficult to think about, let alone speak about, out in the open so we can see how our stories, values and beliefs influence our attitudes.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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