Funeral Venue | Melbourne’s North

If you want to have your funeral at one of Melbourne’s public cemetery chapels there are many options.

Fawkner Memorial Park is in Melbourne’s North…

1187 Sydney Road | Fawkner, Victoria 3060 | P 1300 022 298

Fawkner Memorial Park opened in 1906. Spanning 111 hectares, today it is one of Australia’s largest cemeteries.

Fawkner Memorial Park has three public chapels available for funeral and memorial services. Refreshments can be held on site at the tea rooms or in the purpose built facilities across the road at the Northern Memorial Park.

Crick Chapel

funeral chapel, melbourne, jacqui chaplin, northern suburbs
The Crick Chapel at Fawkner Memorial Park seats 70 people comfortably. Additional standing room available in the foyer.

Cordell Chapel

northern suburbs funeral location fawkner Melbourne
The Cordell Chapel at Fawkner Memorial Park seats around 140 people. Additional standing room is available.

Joyce Chapel

funeral chapel, northern suburbs melbourne, jacqui chaplin
The Joyce Chapel at Fawkner Memorial Park comfortably seats 140 people. Some additional standing room is available.

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